74 614-888-9677 WWW.CDGWIRELESS.COM XPR 4000 SERIES battery only XPR 5000 XPR 5000 e SERIES PROFESSIONAL MOBILE RADIO ACCESSORIES COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES LONG RANGE WIRELESS The Long Range Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) pairs instantly with touch pairing to the mobile microphone with Bluetooth gateway. The Long Range Wireless RSM works up to 100 meters away line-of-sight from the mobile radio, keeping you in communication where you never thought possible. MOBILE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER WINDPORTING/ NOISE- CANCELING VOLUME CONTROL ORANGE PROGRAMMABLE BUTTON AUDIO JACK (3.5 MM) Long Range Wireless Kit with charger Includes: Long Range Wireless RSM; Mobile Microphone Bluetooth Gateway; Vehicular Charger RLN6551 Windporting Long Range wireless kit Includes: Long Range Wireless RSM; Mobile Microphone Bluetooth Gateway RLN6552 Windporting Mobile Microphone with Bluetooth Gateway PMMN4097 Wireless RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone) with Battery and Clip RLN6544 Windporting Wireless RSM Battery, 1750mA Li-Ion 3.6 VDC PMNN4461 Dual Unit Charger PMLN7120 Power Supply for Dual Unit Charger 25012022001 Vehicular Charger with coil cord cigarette lighter plug PMLN6716 Hang Up Clip, required for vehicular charger HLN5391 D Ring Swivel Clip 42009312001 Receive-Only Earpiece with Comfort Eartube RLN4941 Receive-Only Earbud AARLN4885