57 WWW.CDGWIRELESS.COM 614-888-9677 COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY CHARGER SOLUTIONS Choose from a variety of solutions including single-unit, multi-unit, travel and in-vehicle chargers and be confident your radio is charged and ready to go the moment you need it. PORTABLE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER IMPRES BATTERY MANAGEMENT TOOLS IMPRES Battery Management Single-Unit Charger Interface Unit NNTN8045 IMPRES Battery Management License Key HKVN4036 IMPRES Battery Management Software, downloadable from Motorolasolutions.com NNTN7676 IMPRES BATTERY MANAGEMENT TOOLS With the IMPRES Battery Reader and IMPRES Battery Fleet Management systems, efficiently manage your batteries with real-time data not available with other manufacturers’ batteries. Our easy-to-use software applications alert you to low capacity batteries, prevent downtime and eliminate throwing batteries out prematurely. NEW IMPRES OVER THE AIR (OTA) BATTERY MANAGEMENT IMPRES OTA Battery Management, for XPR 7000 or XPR 3000 Series radios when used with IMPRES batteries, automatically collects battery information over the air while radios are in use. It eliminates the need for wired network connections and a computer at charger locations. It also enables real-time data querying of any radio in the field and adds radio related data for radio asset tracking and other uses. > For more information go to www.motorolasolutions.com IMPRES BATTERY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE REPORTS IMPRES BATTERY DATA READER, GENERAL INFORMATION SCREEN REAL TIME BATTERY HEALTH REPORT Enables immediate battery health and capacity querying XPR 3000 XPR 3000e SERIES XPR 6000 SERIES XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES