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Manufacturing plants using two-way radios in Ohio are benefiting from Motorola’s MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio platform. It is a complete communications solution, including two-way digital radios, accessories, applications, systems, and support services—all fully flexible and can easily be adapted to the needs of your plant.

Industrial two-way radios (also called industrial walkie talkies) help manufacturers streamline production by connecting people and equipment, automating processes, managing risks, and helping your team respond to customers quickly. Your team needs to communicate effectively and clearly across a multitude of platforms, and whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we can help. We have the leading portfolio of industrial two-way radios in (Ohio).

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Slim, lightweight, and discrete in design. Powerful in communications.
Cost-effective, durable, and designed for reliable communications.
Designed with advanced features and extended battery life for efficient operation.

Manufacturing Solutions

Two-Way Radios
Motorola industrial radios are built to withstand shocks and vibrations from heavy machinery and deliver intelligent audio for clear transmissions from the loading dock to the production line and everywhere in between.
Motorola Radio Systems
Whether you run a small plant or a sprawling facility with multiple buildings across Ohio, our radio systems offer maximum coverage, capacity, and control to keep your operation connected and safe.
In-Building Coverage
Eliminate dead zones using bi-directional amplifiers and distributed antenna systems that work to boost reception and wireless signals for two-way radios and cell phones throughout your facility.
Video Surveillance
Safeguard your personnel and facility from intruders and theft. Our inventory includes indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, multiple mounting options, and lenses capable of panoramic viewing to ensure that all areas of your facility are covered.
Incident Management
Simplify your security operations with an easy-to-use platform for managing incident records and dispatch, communicating instantly across devices and making proactive security decisions.
System Design & Engineering
Whether you’re a small operation or large corporation, CDG Wireless has the expertise and experience to design a system that fits your operation and budget.
Reduce Downtime​
When your radio system goes down, your profitability goes down. We understand that, and we want to get your radio repaired and your communications up and running as quickly as possible. While much of the work in the manufacturing industry remains hands-on, technology is an integral part of the process. As we rely more on technology, we also need to be sure that it’s functioning optimally. Motorola two-way radio systems are integrating communications between man and machine in a way that’s making work safer and production output higher.
Maximize Productivity
Just imagine how much more productive your organization would be if you could harness the time wasted on failed communication attempts. Plus, these failed attempts can cause confusion and, in worst-case scenarios, may lead to an accident. has solutions for these challenges and a few you may not even realize you have.
Increase Safety
Designed with the realities of certain industries in mind, Motorola industrial radios in (Ohio) are rugged and durable. Motorola radios provide options that are certified for hazardous locations, making them safe for use on job sites and reliable in emergencies. Several safety applications, like Man Down and Lone Worker, are available to further reduce risks and prevent emergency situations.

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Is a certified Motorola radio dealer and leading wireless communications company in Ohio, providing business and government organizations with next-generation voice, video, and data solutions for over 20 years. Our communications experts are trained to discover the unique distinctions of each business and make recommendations for a customized communications solution consistent with the client’s goals and budget.

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