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As public safety remains a high priority in Ohio, law enforcement is responding to this demand by using Motorola police two-way radios to enhance communications for safer, more secure communities. The ability to communicate instantly between departments and dispatchers equips field officers with accurate, real-time information to help make better-informed decisions when every second counts.

Powerful dispatching software coordinates with GPS technology to save both time and money by automatically alerting and dispatching officers closest to the scene. Enhanced communication increases officer safety when they can be filled in on the particulars of a call by the dispatcher before they arrive on-site.

Most Popular Police Radios

Legendary APX ruggedness and reliability, without compromising on features.
An advanced, easy to operate, and intuitive mission critical mobile radio.
A radio designed and built to perform in the harshest environments.

Police Solutions

P25 Two-way Radios
Purpose-built for use in extreme weather conditions, P25 Motorola police radios are designed for officers on duty with advanced safety features to suit the needs of each user at every department level.
Dispatch Consoles
Our consoles offer dispatchers seamless dedicated recording, simple interfaces, and advanced messaging with interoperable capabilities that reach across multiple applications and deliver real-time insights.
In-Building Coverage
Eliminate dead zones using bi-directional amplifiers and distributed antenna systems that work to boost reception and wireless signals for two-way radios and cell phones throughout your facility.
Video Surveillance
Keep your facilities secure with advanced video surveillance that continuously monitors entry points in real-time and accurately identifies faces and behavioral patterns of people and vehicles.
Multi-Device Communications
Motorola WAVE is a subscription-based group communication service that takes push-to-talk (PTT) beyond the boundaries of radio. Instantly connect your team across devices, networks, and locations.
Body-Worn & Car Cameras
Get airtight evidence gathering with police body-worn and in-vehicle cameras that help preserve the chain of evidence and maintain the safety of officers and the communities they protect.
Radios Designed for You
ASTRO 25 is the leading Project (P25) standards-based system in the world. Boasting over 11,000 users worldwide. Its real-world performance and proven reliability continue to evolve as innovations enhance its features. The Motorola P25 APX two-way radio series is designed for officers on duty and has unique features to suit the needs of each user at every department level in your law enforcement agency.
Increase Safety
Motorola law enforcement radios (also referred to as Motorola police walkie talkies) come equipped with advanced safety technologies to help protect your officers and the communities they serve. Law enforcement radios provide instant access to wireless communication between the entire district, specific groups of people, or individuals. Advanced safety features like emergency alert, panic buttons, Lone Worker, and Man Down further improve safety and offer rapid response. Police body and car video cameras help protect your officers and hold the public accountable.
Increase Efficiency
Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in the field. Our consoles for emergency response personnel focus on streamlining dispatch services. These coordination tools and enhanced intelligence, sourced directly from the call-handling software, provide instant access to life-saving information. Find the ideal dispatch console for the size of your force and the area it serves by contacting CDG Wireless today.

Most Popular Police Radio Accessories

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