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Motorola emergency two-way radios provide seamless technology that supports your personnel through every step of a mission. Fire and EMS departments using Motorola emergency communications in Ohio are improving response times by accessing and sharing critical information in real-time.

Motorola EMS radios are instrumental in your daily operations. More effective mission-critical communications mean a more effective team, which ultimately means more lives saved. Contact us today to discover how Motorola’s Advanced EMS Suite’s complete and integrated platform can support every aspect of your life-saving operations.

Most Popular Fire and EMS Radios

Legendary APX ruggedness and reliability, without compromising on features.
An advanced, easy to operate, and intuitive mission critical mobile radio.
A radio designed and built to perform in the harshest environments.

Fire & EMS Solutions

APX Two-way Radios
Purpose-built for use in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, Motorola APX radios are designed for first responders and used by over 11,000 agencies worldwide.
Dispatch Consoles
Our consoles offer dispatchers seamless dedicated recording, simple interfaces, and advanced messaging with interoperable capabilities that reach across multiple applications and deliver real-time insights.
Video Surveillance
Safeguard your personnel, department, and equipment from intruders and theft. Our inventory includes indoor and outdoor security cameras, multiple mounting options, and lenses capable of panoramic viewing to ensure that all areas of your facility are covered.
IMPRES Radio Accessories
The Motorola IMPRES energy system reduces downtime and improves safety by extending battery life and integrating intelligent audio technology for crystal clear transmissions in the most extreme conditions.
Multi-Device Communications
Motorola WAVE is a subscription-based group communication service that takes push-to-talk (PTT) beyond the boundaries of radio. Instantly connect your team across devices, networks, and locations.
Business Cellular
Connect your team to our high-speed network for instant communication from more places than ever before. Get reliable network coverage for voice and data with flexible plan options and predictable monthly rates.
Radios made for You
ASTRO 25 is the world’s leading Project (P25) platform, used by over 11,000 agencies worldwide. Its real-world performance and proven reliability only continue to evolve as innovations enhance its features. Some key features to mention are; accessibility in challenging environments like sub-basements, high-rises, and tunnels, reliable voice-integrated data that multiple agencies can view and share simultaneously, and interoperability, with a variety of our APX EMS and fire two-way radios working across P25 systems.
Boost Dispatch Efficiency
Motorola Dispatch Consoles provide your team with reliable, relevant, and real-time service. When your first responders need critical intelligence, data, and communication, they can trust our equipment to help your dispatchers deliver. Our consoles offer dispatchers interoperable capabilities to reach across multiple applications and resources. Seamless dedicated recording, simple interfaces, and advanced messaging capabilities enhance how quickly and efficiently your responders make decisions.
Get Home Safely
Few people depend on reliable communications the way first responders do. Emergency responders, like Fire and EMS, depend on instant access to communications to make sure everyone gets home safe at the end of every shift. You need confidence that the communication tools and systems you have in place are going to work when your people need them most.

Most Popular Fire and EMS Radio Accessories

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