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Tower Climbers and Technicians for Ohio .

CDG Wireless's tower services division provides end-to-end support for managing, maintaining, and servicing commercial and residential cell towers, radio towers, and broadcasting towers in Ohio.

CDG Wireless’s tower services division provides end-to-end support for managing, maintaining, and servicing commercial and residential cell towers, radio towers, and broadcasting towers in Ohio. Our experienced team of tower climbers and technicians provide expert tower construction, tower removal, antenna deployment, and routine service and safety inspections.
On-Site Service
Our tower technicians can service and install your equipment on site. Due to the critical nature of your business, our response time is unmatched, quickly implementing your solutions or providing immediate on-site maintenance and repair to your equipment.
System Support
CDG Wireless tower technicians are trained to perform inspections, installations, and repair work for all tower system applications, such as radio, cellular, point-to-point, broadcast, and wireless internet service providers (WISP).
Certified Technicians
CDG Wireless technicians have gone through extensive education and training to meet strict OSHA regulations and industry certifications to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and safe tower climbing services.
Priority Repairs
Manage costs and reduce the need for repairs with CDG Wireless maintenance agreements. These agreements protect your investment and ensure that you get priority service when repairs are needed.
Deployment Management
Our job doesn't stop at the tower; our technicians handle every aspect of system deployment. When the job is complete, we’ll confirm that every component provides all the coverage, capacity, and functionality you need.
Quality Assurance
To further enhance our commitment to quality and ensure successful deployments, CDG Wireless thoroughly checks programming and system diagnostics before installing equipment and components on towers.

Service from the Start

When you rely on two-way wireless communication for your operation, performance can’t be compromised. It's crucial that your equipment is maintained and installed according to exact specifications to avoid downtime. CDG Wireless is here to support all of your needs for tower climbing and rigging in Ohio.

With continuous advancements in technology, we can assure you that our technicians are certified and engaged in on-going training to stay up to date on all industry standards. With over 20 years of servicing, installing, and maintaining communications equipment across Ohio, we guarantee the quality, functionality, and performance of all your wireless equipment.

Call us today to discuss your tower system needs. No matter what equipment you need to be installed, repaired or removed, we have the experienced techs to get the job done.

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CDG Wireless
Is a certified Motorola radio dealer and leading wireless communications company in Ohio, providing business and government organizations with next-generation voice, video, and data solutions for over 20 years. Our communications experts are trained to discover the unique distinctions of each business and make recommendations for a customized communications solution consistent with the client’s goals and budget.

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