107 WWW.CDGWIRELESS.COM 614-888-9677 COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES SINGLE-UNIT AND MULTI-UNIT CHARGERS CP 200 d AND SL 300 SERIES PORTABLE RADIOS CHARGER SOLUTIONS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER CHEMISTRY POWER SOURCE DIMENSIONS (MM) NUMBER OF POCKETS Micro-USB Single-Unit Rapid Rate 5V/1A, Plug-In Power Supply, 5W, 100V-240V (US plug) 25009298001 Li-Ion 120-240V Six-Pocket Multi-Unit Rapid Rate Charger, 90V-264V (US plug) PMLN7101 Li-Ion 90-264V 65 x 424 x 110 6 Single-Unit Rapid Rate Charger 5V/1A, 5W, 100V-240V (US Plug) PMLN7109 Li-Ion 100-240V 1 Micro USB Programming Cable CB000262A01 SWIVEL OR FIXED LOOP: Secure to a belt loop and the case swings freely from side to side. The swivel latch system also allows the radio and case to be removed from the belt loop by simply inverting, lifting it up and out of the belt loop. Fixed loops provide a sturdy attachment to your belt. SL300 SERIES COMMERCIAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES