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Motorola XV Remote Speaker Microphone

Model Number:  PMMN4123A

Xtreme Voice (XV) RSM delivers the clearest and loudest audio communications.

With four digital microphones and the largest clearest speaker we’ve ever produced, the Xtreme Voice (XV) Remote Speaker Microphone is the next generation mission critical RSM designed to deliver the clearest and loudest audio communications. The XV RSM is equipped with Motorola Solution’s latest technology, including sophisticated noise-reduction techniques, in a sleek, compact package. Instantly access ViQi, your virtual AI assistant, to change radio channels and receive critical information. Create functional short cuts with 3 configurable buttons that are protected against accidental activation. Built as a system, the XV RSM and the APX NEXT radio strengthen the most important thread of your lifeline: ultra-clear voice communications. So no matter where you are or how you speak, you can be confident that, for every message, you’ll hear and be heard clearly.

No additional features are available for this product
Performance Characteristics

Audio Jack: 3.5MM NON-THREADED
Channel Control: NO
Intelligent Audio: NOISE REDUCTION
Intrinsic Safety Rating: NO RATING
IP Rating: IP68
Microphone Type: QUAD BEAM
Programmable Button: YES
Technology: IMPRES
Vertical Markets: POLICE
Volume Control: YES

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (MM-Millimeter):

69.0(W) 31.0(H) 99.0(L)

Weight (GM-Gram):


Specification Sheets

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