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Motorola IMPRES(TM) 2 Multi Unit Desktop Charger, North America plug, 100-240VAC

Model Number:  NNTN9212A

Simultaneously charges up to 6 APX batteries or APX devices with IMPRES(TM) 2 long service life algorithms. Includes battery information display for each pocket, built in USB interface for charger firmware upgrades and connectivity to Fleet Management application, 6 USB-A port module for accessory charging, 120/240 NA line cord. Available in APX NEXT(TM) MUC configuration (NNTN9115).

Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System generation 2, IMPRES(TM) 2, is a battery – device – charger system solution delivering Mission Critical dependable performance and long IMPRES(TM) 2 battery service life. The NNTN8844 is able to provide up to 3A per pocket that can charge an IMPRES(TM) 2 battery faster but also extends battery service life up to 60% with proprietary Motorola Solutions Inc enhanced algorithms developed over the last 10+ years. Analyzer mode enables viewing IMPRES(TM) battery health parameters for each pocket in the corresponding display. Storage mode operation menu selection prevents permanent cell damage from long term battery storage. Menu selectable lithium battery air shipment mode per IATA (International Air Transportation Association ) recommendations available. Built in accessory storage rack allows Bluetooth accessories, such as the NTN2570 MCW earpiece, to be held in place while charged from the included 6 USB-A port charger module. May be wall mounted (bracket NLN7967). Pockets may be changed for APX NEXT(TM) (NNTN9212 pocket) in a transitional (APX and APX NEXT(TM)) or complete transformation. Field service line cord (3087791G01). Information manual MN002407A01.

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Performance Characteristics

Performance Characteristics

Number of Displays: 0

Number of Pockets: 0


Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Weight (GM-Gram): 171

Dimensions (MM-Millimeter): 152 (W) 88 (H) 119 (L)

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