How Avigilon COVID-19 Features Protect Your Business

As the pandemic progresses, companies need to adapt. Many businesses are tackling the coronavirus through face masks, social distancing, and disinfecting. But what should they do if someone gets sick?

One solution to that is contact tracing, which is a process where a contact tracer will try to recreate an infected employee’s path to see who they might have infected. In fact, Reuters wrote that over half of all US companies are planning for virus contact tracing. But contact tracing can be a long and complicated process that involves health department personnel and paperwork. What if we could get that information faster?

One way to upgrade your contact tracing efforts is to use modern, cloud-based technology. Instead of working with archaic pencils and paper, modern technology can collect data that traces an employee’s path. In fact, digital contact tracing is becoming a popular solution for many businesses. CNBC, which reported on COVID-19 contact tracing trends, wrote that nearly a quarter of C-level executives plan to use digital contact tracing as part of their reopening strategy. Lately we’ve taken a look at one contact tracing technology and how it can help your business.

Avigilon’s contact tracing technology can trace an employee’s chain of events to know exactly what happened. You can see what equipment the employee used, which will be helpful for disinfecting and isolation purposes. Instead of disinfecting everything in the office, you can save time by cleaning only what you need to.

You can also see who the employee talked to and who they might have infected. This way you won’t have to hunt down everyone in the office and ask if they had spoken with the sick employee. It’s a fast, easy process, and helps protect your employees. 

Avigilon helps keep employees safe during a pandemic. Avigilon also offers other COVID-19 response technologies, such as face mask detection, social distancing, and contactless temperature checking. To learn more, fill out the form to receive the solutions brief.  

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