Motorola MOTOTRBO Nitro: The New Way to do Business

What is CBRS?

The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), is 150 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band. Ranging from 3550 – 3700 Mhz, this CBRS LTE band has historically been used sparingly by U.S. federal government radar systems, a few fixed satellite receivers, and wireless internet service providers. When looking for additional spectrum to manage the influx of new mobile users, the FCC identified the sparsely-used band for broader use to free spectrum for shared wireless.

How CBRS will Change Commercial Communications

Increased Accessibility

CBRS and its increased accessibility is a game-changer for business enterprises. Currently, there is no publicly available broadband spectrum for use by private businesses. As a result, some organizations looking for private broadband coverage are required to lease through carriers, often requiring a multi-million-dollar system.

More Efficiency

The economics of CBRS technology is more efficient than those of distributed antenna systems (DAS). In addition, the speed and consistency of service are considered potentially more reliable than Wi-Fi with the potential to even make Wi-Fi outmoded. Wi-Fi coverage and capacity can be limited, access points can be finicky and sign-on processes can be tedious. Ultimately, Wi-Fi wasn’t designed for complex commercial operations.

CBRS overcomes these limitations and provides a more efficient option for large commercial enterprises, like airports and factories, providing comprehensive on-site coverage that can blanket every corner of your operation.

Ground-Breaking Advancement

Ultimately, CBRS makes it possible to create an affordable, private data network at a lower cost and without the reliance on a wireless carrier. Looking forward, CBRS and the infinite capabilities it will unlock will help to drive automation, workforce productivity, efficiency, and safety, all critical concerns for today’s forward-looking organizations.

What is MOTOTRBO Nitro?

MOTOTRBO Nitro is the new Motorola platform that combines business-critical voice communications with lightning-fast private broadband data.

Nitro delivers clear, crisp voice quality and comprehensive on-site coverage, reaching every corner of your operation. It supports all your devices, from radios and smartphones to specialized handsets, and extends your existing voice network to support a universe of data applications, including security, productivity, work-order ticketing, and customer service applications.

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Benefits of Motorola Nitro

Predictable Monthly Rates

CDG Wireless removes the hassle of network management by installing, managing, and maintaining the system for you at a low monthly rate. No up-front network costs or unexpected surprises at the end of the month.

Multi-Device Support

From radios and smartphones to specialized handsets, MOTOTRBO Nitro in Ohio extends your existing voice network to support a universe of data applications.

Extended Range

Motorola MOTOTRBO Nitro comes with twice the capacity and up to four times the range of consumer-grade solutions. Deliver seamless, secure, high-fidelity voice conversations across your worksite or across the country.

Improved Coverage

Because the spectrum isn’t shared like Wi-Fi, the FCC allows the use of more powerful transmitters, so fewer access points are needed. A single CBRS access point can cover the same area as five Wi-Fi access points.

Network Security

CBRS is inherently more secure than Wi-Fi. All you need to connect to a corporate Wi-Fi network is an SSID and password. CBRS utilizes SIM cards instead of SSIDs for complete control over who is and is not, on the network.

Simple Infrastructure

The MOTOTRBO Nitro core is in the cloud, so there’s barely any setup, management, or space required. And, the hardware is ready to go as soon as you are. All it needs is power and an internet connection.

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How Nitro Can Benefit your Industry


In the transportation and logistics industry, on-time arrival and departure is imperative to business success. But environments can be dangerous – surrounded by fuel trucks and heavy machinery. And traveling passengers can congest Wi-Fi and cellular coverage. Avoiding delays can be a challenge. Nitro is capable of handling images, automating the scanning and distribution process, tracking assets, and more – all from a single voice and data network.


No matter where the job appears onsite, utility workers can rely on the custom coverage and capacity of Motorola radios to keep them connected with Motorola Nitro. The network even enables maintenance teams to send a live video feed of an issue they’re trying to resolve. When working in remote areas or high-interference locations like basements, Nitro will help keep workers connected and protected.


Leverage your CBRS Motorola network to deliver IIoT data and other machine automation processes, so when a machine breaks down, key personnel will be notified. Maximize uptime by taking photos and videos of broken machines and sending real-time video to an expert to get your facility back up and running. Enhance the perimeter security by connecting your Nitro network to security cameras across the premises. Boost the productivity of your entire manufacturing operations with Motorola MOTOTRBO Nitro.

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